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Human Chargers

Electricity Harnessing Clothing

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About Us

Changing the World

Human Chargers, initially just a high schooler’s dream, is now aiming to become the first clothing company that offers accessible renewable electricity to their users. Through the power of the human body, Human Chargers offers innovative and affordable clothing that harnesses renewable energy with each move that you make. With the usage of our  eco-friendly energy sources, Human Chargers will allow humans to progress into a new realm of sustainable energy sources.

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Our Innovative Technology

Advanced Solutions

With the usage of thermoelectricity, solar power, piezoelectricity, and electromyography, Human Chargers will take advantage of body heat, light, movement, and muscle activation to make electricity accessible, renewable, and eco friendly. Our product is exercise clothing that has these materials and sensors embedded in them, so that electricity can be harnessed all day, everyday. The electricity can be used for anything, including charging a phone, lights, among many other applications. Furthermore, this technology can be used anywhere in the world - whether that be in the Sahara desert, on a hike in Canada, or for day - to- day wear.

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Improving Lives

Human Chargers will solve the lack of electricity accessibility in the world. It costs around 38.62 U.S. dollars per megawatt hour to install a stable electrical energy source in an area. This problem is experienced by 759 million people in the world, especially in developing countries where the electricity is not stable or accessible, and there is a lot of load-shedding.

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Solar Panels


InStep NanoPower

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Most other solutions for renewable energy sources are inaccessible to the average person. Solutions such as turbines and solar energy are difficult to incorporate into one’s daily life, and are expensive to build on large scales. There are shoes that harness mechanical energy from steps and body heat, and many research papers have been completed which validates the usage of thermal, solar, and piezoelectric energy in clothing. Human Chargers will be incorporated in user’s daily lives, and will take advantage of not only thermal, solar, and piezoelectric energy, but also electromyography - electricity created through muscle activation, which has never been harnessed before. Through these combined technologies, we will create a product that can be accessed by everyone to harness electricity for personal usage. It will be portable, and accessible, and thus can be used in any environment no matter how remote (e.g., Canadian Arctic, Antarctica, to sub-Saharan Africa).

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