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Anna Behm

Founder & CEO

Anna is a second year computer engineering student at MUN. She has many skills shown through the numerous experiences she’s had in entrepreneurship projects. During SHAD (summer university experience for high achieving high school students) she took a leadership role in her design entrepreneur group, as she was responsible for the marketing aspect of the business pitch. She planned strategies and delegated roles to each of her team members, and established a cohesive team environment where every member was encouraged to provide feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism to further their project. She ensured that all goals were met on time, and that every member was up to date with their work. Anna also worked as an intern at Genoa Design International where she was given the responsibility of networking with potential customers and other companies. While working on a previous award winning project, she networked with electrical engineers, RBC business professionals, and University of Toronto design hub professionals. Furthermore, her previous work term was with the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship, where she researched and solved many challenges in her start-up company. Anna was able to complete the Genesis Evolution Program, as well as the MedTech Readiness Program. Lastly, she took part in HackFrostNL 2.0 this year, and was awarded an honorable mention for her team’s business idea. They presented the research and circuit design, and they worked tirelessly to ensure their best work was completed.

Omar Faruk

Co-Founder & CTO

Omar's top five skills include; teamwork, time management, work ethic, adaptability and communication. He has demonstrated each of these skills numerous times during his previous three internships and in school teams. He has dealt with both executive board members and vendors, for presentation and part procurement respectively, strengthening his communication skills. Additionally, the academic rigor of his program adds to Omar's skills in work ethic and adaptability as he has five courses every semester. During these times he is involved with three different school teams. Thus, Omar learned how to work more efficiently and effectively and how to keep on working at a project or task even after hours building up a solid work ethic. In all these experiences, Omar acquired new knowledge and challenges every step of the way. Hence, he needed to have a flexible mindset to adapt to the changing conditions in order to complete the tasks ahead of the timeline, for more time to review and add final modifications. In his last work term, Omar worked on a project with over 35 people thus showcasing his teamwork skills as he needed to be on the same page with everyone else in order to be a properly functioning team member.


Joy Chowdhury

Market Exploration

Joy is a second year student in the BHSc program at McMaster University. His top five skills would be organization, leadership, perseverance, creativity, and public speaking. During the summer of 2019, he joined a summer university program called SHAD that ties STEM with entrepreneurship. In this program, he marketed for a company that worked as a reusable dish service to promote less waste in our environment from delivered food. After that, he has been working as a laboratory assistant at Western University exploring cardiovascular health outcomes and has learned about applying biomedical science in the real world. Furthermore, he was the president of a Health Occupations Students of America chapter and aimed to promote health-based research. In my free time, he enjoys working as a soccer coach and working out at the gym. He is very passionate about making clothing that can create electrical energy as it has the potential to help so many people. From growing up in a very rural area, he understands how electricity is not always accessible.

Team: Our Team

Our Connections


WE was the first organization to aid in Human Charger's development through the WE Are Social Entrepreneurs RBC Business Case Challenge program.


HackFrostNL 2.0

This hackathon program allowed Human Chargers to 'get back on it's feet'. Anna, Omar, & Amr were able to research, design, and present to judges Human Charger's idea, and create valuable connections within the industry.


Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship

MCE offered Human Chargers the opportunity to gain valuable feedback through our application to the Mel Woodward Cup, as well as advice from mentors.


Bounce Health Innovation

We are a Bounce Health Innovation partner company, which has enabled Human Chargers to expand, as well as delve into further medical applications of our product.

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